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    Does anyone here own an EMU sampler?

    Looking for advice in to buying one. What model, expansions, etc? Really know fuck all about them and there isn't a huge deal of info out there.
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    Sound Designers need for a Sample Pack Company

    I'll drop you a line, I have to move house at the end of the month and I can't make any commitments until then.
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    HeartDrive sets

    Soundcloud is being gash and won't let me download these, has anyone got them, or can anyone provide a mirror?
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    My 1st bottle of anything since 2009

    get to know
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    NSFW New Celeb leaked pics. All in ONE place!
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    NSFW New Celeb leaked pics. All in ONE place!

    the fappening
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    DnB Stabby warm lenzman stabs

    Loads of tutorials on how to make dub techno stabs, sounds like those with some distortion
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    Is there a deadline for this?
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    deep, phat and verby basses

    Don't really get how he does the EQing for this.
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    MiniBrute Died Again...

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    Transient shaping on drum loops/breaks

    It was just some advice... I knew it anyway but I'm sure a lot of people don't. Before I start to use a drum break I'll take a bit of release off, which tightens is up, then I'll bounce it and chop it.
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    DnB Bassdrum Noisia & Evol Intent - The Liquid

    fack, been trying to get close to this but failed miserably, made something really cool by accident though.
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    @ Logic 9 and X users

    logic 9 and snow lepper, no problems here.
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    Best build-up ever? :)

    hands down - - - Updated - - - also