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  • Safe! Take it everthin' got sorted for you then? Tried pm'in you a few times cause I was in middle of arrangin' summit but didn't hear nowt back.. safe anyway fella
    ah yeh taunton, never been there but i kno where that is. i know what ur talkin bout living in a small place, where my parents live doesn't even have a shop, its worse when u come back tho, as i am now, so damn boring! lots of good nights in bris, too many almost! theres a sick hospitality on the 17th of july but im at glade, its a bummer but ill live im sure :D
    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the excitement! x
    I'm from Taunton, so it's not far really, I've got a few mates that already live in Bristol, and a few mates still here, so I'm moving on my own, but I know a few people who already live there, so I won't be proper on my lonesome!!

    Can't wait to leave Taunton tho, it's so small, can't wait to meet people who don't already know someone that I know. And also have some proper good nights out near my house, rather then having to get a train home. Also Bristol is so much quicker to get to London from, so getting to Matter and Fabric will be much less of a mission :)
    If you can't tell, I'm getting proper excited.
    The viewing wasn't today, it's a week today :( but I'll let you know how it goes when I've had a look around.

    Drinking buddy sounds good, and I'm sure a drinking tour would be much more fun than a normal tour :)

    Yeah, I'm really hoping this flat on g road is good, it would be an ideal place to live really. :) *proper fingers crossed!!* Then you can take me out for a pint, and show me about a bit. I know the centre pretty well, but i don't really know gloucster road that well!!
    I'm viewing a flat on gloucster road on monday, by the arches!! But I'm no specifically looking just there, Maybe st andrews or bedminster, but somewhere pretty central.
    Yeah, i'm definitely up for some drinks when i've moved in! I can't wait! :D
    Tonight on Force 106.5fm.....

    6-8pm Clockwork Collective (Riisu, Rated R, Fazer & Stoko)

    8-10pm The Mutant DJs with special guests MCs Mekar and Gusto

    10-12am S.U.B

    Make sure you tune in bro!

    106.5fm or alternativly tune in via

    Get you texts and shout-outs to 07840443969
    pm barnzee hes got sum sites u cud visit for some (free) tunes
    and how the fuck are you?

    u must come round for a rinse mate, got some new, bigger, bassier speakers but i've still got the workin medium sized one wired up as a monitor
    big, bad & heavy!
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