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    Forthcoming 31 Recordings

    Bummer. Was hoping for at least one tune like "Distance" or "Eclipse".
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    Med School closes down

    Yeah I would. It actually started out sounding a lot different but the final version was pretty Microfunk inspired. I think the tune I did with Bop is definitely Microfunk.
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    Med School closes down

    I agree with your examples. Interestingly, it's still made almost exclusively by Russian producers. Hasn't seem to have caught on elsewhere.
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    Forthcoming Exit Releases

    Surprised this hasn’t come out already. They teased it awhile ago.
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    Instra:Mental - Timelines LP

    The RA blurb was simply incorrect, there are only 4 previously vinyl-only songs on the album. I can confirm that the tracklist previously posted is correct. No idea why RA deleted the article.
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    Synkro Musik

    Came out on Tuesday. (y)
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    ALBUMS 2019 (Curated by yours truly, 808 Dnb)

    Random Movement album coming this year on Flight Pattern.
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    Get well soon MC Fats

    Yeah, his left left was amputated below the knee due to complications from diabetes.
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    Akuratyde - One Hundred Steps EP (BMTM)

    Big up guys! The EP is out now. Thanks to everybody who's supported this release, it really does mean a lot to me. Bandcamp: Spotify: iTunes: Beatport: Google Play:
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    ALBUMS 2019 (Curated by yours truly, 808 Dnb)

    The three LP’s were RQ’s album, my album, and the vinyl reissue of BMT’s first album.
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    ALBUMS 2019 (Curated by yours truly, 808 Dnb)

    If it does come out in 2019 it'll most likely be on Exit. There are no definitive plans for an album at the moment though. I spoke to Damon the other day and he said he wants to write an album but is having too much fun writing bangers.
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    Akuratyde - Past Lives LP

    Just a reminder that the Blu Mar Ten Store is shutting down for the holidays so any vinyl orders need to be placed by Friday, Dec. 14th.
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    Akuratyde Producer Q & A

    TBH I haven't spent enough time on this forum to know who that is. Well look who it is. In all honesty I don't own any and haven't used them. I prefer making my own samples. I make a lot of my own drums either on my synths or by recording percussive sounds. I make a lot of field recordings...
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    Akuratyde Producer Q & A

    Yeah, sometimes. The songs from 'Past Lives' are rather unconventional so those have been a bit more challenging to mix, but songs like "Time Left Behind", "Sway", or the remixes I've done are pretty easy to mix. I don't mind the challenge though, it just means I have to get more creative with...
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    Akuratyde - Past Lives LP

    Believe it or not that tune was directly inspired by the Haujobb album Ninety-Nine. There are definitely shades of Microfunk there too, but the main inspiration was Haujobb.