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  1. ManuForti
    ManuForti Moskit
    You uploading that mix m8?
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    2. ManuForti
      Yeah but the mix... As in what you played, digital... so i can hear it in way it was intended ;D
      Jan 15, 2017 at 9:57 PM
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    3. Moskit
      I didn't record it directly as it were... Just the stream... I guess the audio could be ripped from the video to a 320 via mp3fiber???
      Jan 16, 2017 at 1:37 AM
    4. ManuForti
      Shiiit, im just a fag for the sound quality hahah. but yeah thatl do.
      Jan 16, 2017 at 1:42 AM
  2. Primeone
    Primeone JamesZero
    Hey, just saw you possibly have the 6 hr set? Been dying to hear it. THank you!
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  15. DeeGun
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    2. ManuForti
      Pretty decent but somehow even though I can't place it... It's missing something. It seems slower too but maybe just cos it's not being mixed here. Keep me updated on anything like this though I'm keen to learn more.
      Dec 29, 2016
  16. Moskit
  17. dNbDeva
    dNbDeva Blak_Lotus
    Hey blak to the forum. Luv seeing other female dNb djs! ;) Who r your tops?
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    2. Blak_Lotus
      Hey girl nice to meet ya! Send me a pm :)
      Jan 1, 2017
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  18. faast
    faast sam the dnb man
    Something up with your email mate, it seems like it's not accepting mail. You can change it to another one or I can delete it if you don't need notifications ect.
  19. jmzmaloney
    jmzmaloney sam the dnb man
    I asked @faast what was going on with your account and he replied with this, email, or send a message to him if you want it sorted

    Yes, this is because his email address is bouncing due to the mailbox being unavailable. He should be seeing a notice about this when logged in.

    I can set his email address to valid, but the automatic bounced handler will set it back to invalid after more emails have bounced.
  20. Tamas Borel