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    The south coast has brought us some of the best dnb talent the UK has to offer, Artists such as Friction, Mattix & Futile and Dj Dusty are all widely known on the Drum and Bass scene. Samy Nicks and Partner in crime Rekwest are no exception. Although relatively new to the dnb public the two producers have been making waves for a while now, achieving airplay on 1xtra in a short space of time.

    The Diagnosis: This track has anthem written all over it, an eerie intro filled with phat pads and orchestral strings holds your interest as the breaks are released in bite size chunks filling the track preparing you for the onslaught. More percussion is added giving the listener a sudden realisation that something serious is about to go down. An unexpected drumstep drop keeps you entertained for 4 bars until the dnb speed carnage is unleashed, savage bassline coupled with hypnotic skip time beats push this track along at a ferocious pace, as the moody dnb head nod slowly turns into an all out brockout Diagnosis slips back into Drumstep mode leaving you guessing what may happen next, bass variations and clever fx shooting off in the background is what's in store until the well deserved break down gives you a breather before it starts all over again. Diagnosis works well as an intro, outro or just dropped bang in the middle of a set it never disappoints and carries the Ten Ton Beats (TTB) rewind guaranteed tag. Samy Nicks and Rekwest step into the dnb scene with arguably the best track of the year. More coming from this duo on TTB as the year goes on.

    LISTEN HERE: http://soundcloud.com/ten-ton-beats/samy-nicks-rekwest-the


    TTB HQ

    WATCH HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C884oUr6Zq0&feature=context&context=G21ecd83AUAAAAAAAAAA

    Funkadelic: The duo take a totally different direction for the flip, the 70's porn collection has defiantly been raided as Samy Nicks and Rekwest get their pimp game on for funkadelic. Funky intro laced with wah, wah guitar effects giving that 70's feel, Hard well produced drums drop into the mix giving a nice old school, new school combination, very infectious and cleverly put together. As you get used to the hedonistic 70's vibe Funkadelic drops into some serious bass heavy shenanigans, Filthy bass stabs and attention to detail is afoot here as the bassline variates from one pattern t another making sure the listeners attention is always kept, this as well as those well produced drums and smart sampling make this a very worthy flipside to The Diagnosis.

    LISTEN HERE: http://soundcloud.com/ten-ton-beats/samy-nicks-rekwest-funkadelic

    WATCH HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xvz8xtNpW2w&feature=context&context=G21ecd83AUAAAAAAAAAA

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