DJ Cautious & MC Herbalist present...IN FULL EFFECT Drum & Bass Studio Mixtape, CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD.

This our 2nd studio mixtape & features tracks & exclusive dubs by DJ Rowney, Dominator, Bluefoot & More.


Original Sin - Therapy
Sub Zero - Spin Doc
Mampi Swift - One Finga
Fresh - Heavyweight
Dr Dub - Terroist
Pleasure - Soundwave
Sly - Hypnotist
Dominator - Remove Fingerprint (DUB)
Spaow - Over
Shifta - Down The Barrel
Shufunk - System
Original Sin - Love Games
Jaydan - Suicide
Rowney - No Rampin VIP (DUB)
Sensai - Returned
Hoax & Butcher - Silent Strike
Original Sin - 8 Figure Bass
Rowney - Gutterscum (DUB)
Dominator - Volume Knob (DUB)
Sensai - Afterlife
Bluefoot - Jawbreaker VIP (DUB)
Rowney - Graft (DUB)
Rowney - Creepy Crawlies (DUB) [/URL]

Any feed back & constructive critism is welcome. We would like send special thanks to G13 Records for their support.


R.I.P Rushman MC