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Thread: Mixes....

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    Really nice forum, but we should create own threads for the events in the mixes section. There are 10 tapepackthreads...! Always when someone is going to post a new "my-packs!"-thread, there are sets and packs inside, which were already postet.

    There should be one thread per event. Like the hysteria-pack-thread! But the first post should always be "edited" when another one comes in with nu stuff. In the first post should always be every posted pack (which was ever posted here) in order. (date or number)

    So everyone can see which packs are already here.. So everyone can see what can be uploaded again.. That would be also the best way to collect the most of them..

    sry 4 bad english... but please everyone post what you think about that..

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    Re: Mixes....

    Nice ideas but far, far too hard to moderate and expect people to stick to.

    I know re-posts can be a bit annoying, but I'd rather have 5 copies of a set available than none. And sometimes links die, so its good when a new one is posted.

    If people are looking for particular events they can use the Search function, you can search by post or by thread.

    Is always gonna be a bit crazy in the event/rave mix forum, we introduced a Members Mixes section so our lovely member mixes don't get lost in the whirlwind.


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