That's right, it's Thursday. Friday's almost here, and for some of you, finals are almost done. Get on some pre-unwinding jungle and bass with Dirtbox's weeknightly sister show.

This week we have Hooligan coming back to the studio to join me in opening up, and Signal of teh mighty Robot Death Squad closing out. Good times and good tunes are sure to be flying around all over the place.

Peep the lineup, links, and more good shizzle:

09:00pm EST - ODJ & Hooligan
10:00pm EST - Signal

64k audio
24k audio



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Don't forget to check out the archives section for recordings of pretty much every Dirtbox set EVAR, and some other stuff too. Last week's show is now up, as well as #6's Brian Arse set.

Biggups to all, hope to see you in the chat.