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Thread: CMX-3000 DJing

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    CMX-3000 DJing

    I recently purchased a Pioneer CMX-3000 and DJM-3000 from a good friend and I was wondering how successfully can I spin DnB with this setup?

    I have a huge collection of music that I wanted to take advantage of on CD, so I just couldn't resist going to digital rather than vinyl.


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    Re: CMX-3000 DJing

    That's good gear you got there, you'll be just fine mixing with it. The only thing that would be difficult to do is scratch since they're not "cd tables" like the pioneer 800/1000, but that's really the only negative thing I can think of. The mixer has all the channel EQ's/fx/fader adjustments you need in a good unit, and I'm sure the CD player has pitch bend and slightly curving the pitch by spinning that wheel around the LED should be relatively easy to get the hang of.

    Plus you'll save a ton of money not having to buy vinyl and instead buying the tracks on beatport for like $1-2 each!

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