sup yall, just wanted to say hi and great forum. I wish my forum had as many peeps as this one. maybe it will as time passes. My name is Aaron, im from Los Angeles Ca, I have been producing dnb for 7 years and mixing on decks for 3. I never knew about dnb until i bought a DJ Dara mix tape and poped it in my tape player. Ever since then I'v been in love with this music. I use Cubase SX and FL Studio on rewire and a shit load of vst effects and instruments. I don't relly have one style it just depends on how I feel that day. I have a website where I post my tunes and some samples I made, mostly breaks, and some synths. I also have a forum where me and just a few peeps post and chat about our music. If you would like to check it out please do. I need dedicated junglist to make my site happen, I would be very greatfull. We also have an Artist page where you can send your tunes in and we will post them up for you. The instructions are @ my site. well thanks if your read this and stay up!

my site