Ten Ton beats 14 (TTB14) is almost upon us, this time we have called upon the production talents of the one and only DJ Shrust, based in germany this DJ producer has been making waves in the drum and bass community for years.

First up from Mr Shrust we have the mighty Earthquake enducing ‘SHIVA’ well processed clean breaks sit nicely alongside a bassline that seems to have energy in endless supply, Shrust twists and turns the bassline injecting a very clever sample every 4-8bars, giving the track variation and body. ’SHIVA’ moves effortlessly to it’s midway point leaving the listener thinking that its all over and all to quickly, What i like to call the cool down zone gives you a breather before the mayhem starts all over again.

LISTEN HERE: http://soundcloud.com/ten-ton-beats/...o-shiva-death/


The Flip side to ‘SHIVA’ is entitled ‘DEATH’ this time Shrust teams up with Kent dnb head skorpio, different vibes to this track with the same massive impact. The sampling technique is utilised again giving the whole single a definate identity. Strong orchestral intro starts this one off reminds me of one of those massive big budget blockbuster movies when you know something serious is about to go down, and it doesn’t dissapoint, the bass line takes you in all sorts of different directions, well produced drums keep you grounded though as the DEATH takes you on a journey through the underworld and back out the other side. Shrust and Skorpio make serious Production Duo heres hoping we here more from them on Ten Ton Beats.