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    How to make a bass move this way in pitch / Processesing bass

    The tune at 8:56 in this set is sick, dont know what tune it is but really like the production.
    Ive been producing for about 5 years now and still struggle with mid bass. The bass in this track is very basic, but i just cant work out how to make a sound move like that. I know its alot to do with how both envelopes and how they work with each other (Filter/Amp) but there's a slight pitch change half way through. Not sure how hes done this?

    Also how does he get the bass to stand out so much and sound so full. Every time i create a bass similar, it always sounds so thin. Ive attempted this using Albino/Massive/ES2, but im finding it doesn't matter which i use. I can never get it to sound the way his sounds.

    In my attempt I added effects/dynamics in this order:
    Chorus (only a small amount set to a rate of about 666Hz, 10-15%)
    Bitcrusher (enough to be heard in the mix)
    Stereo delay (Can barely be heard, set to roughly 5%, EQ roll off 1kHz, in sync)
    EQ (roll off 200Hz, boost around 1kHz)
    Reverb through a send at roughly (-15%, EQ bandpass 300Hz to 4000kHz)

    Ive tried distortion aswell, but i always find it distorts this particular sound to much which ever i use.
    I never boost more than 10dB with bass and always try and avoid, when possible.

    I know these are just average settings but i hope this helps to answer my questions


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    Re: How to make a bass move this way in pitch / Processesing bass

    Not entirely sure how to make that sound but I wouldnt really be that interested in that sound- it's a little too familiar imo. Anyway yeah theres a pitch shift going on in the bass- but thats not what's making the sound come to life the way it does. It's the movement of the actual timbre of the sound. Obviously there are lots of ways to do it you have to just figure it out yourself.
    Oh and if your bass is sounding too thin it's because you must phatten it up yourself- this might be achieved by layering a couple of sounds or you could just widen the one sound by giving it more voices and possibly detuning!
    It also seems a little bit like your focusing a bit too much on the effects/dynamics. Get back into the synthwork with whichever of those synths - I have all 3 and they are all capable of killer sounds (maybe not so much the es2). You gotta get stuck in with your synth- try tweaking absoultely everything and modding certain knobs!

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    This particular sound is basic and common but its these sounds I struggle with to make stand out in a mix. I think your right I need to get back to the synth work. I'm just assuming its the processing as I'm too used to using ohmnicide to make things sound full (in a distorted way).

    Have you got any advanced tips with albino? I've been using it since I started producing and feel like I've hit a brick wall with it.

    Thanks for the help so far.

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