Trust in Music


„Means to me“ / „Instinct“

- out on 30.3.2012 –

1. Linerunners – Means To Me
2. Linerunners - Instinct

Leeds 2006. Two respected Drum and Bass DJs from different corners of the UK, Paul Bird and Joe Adams, met through a mutual love for music, and a production partnership was born. Fast-forward six years of perfecting their craft, in the fertile musical hotbed of the city, and a new sound has evolved. Known collectively as Linerunners, emetic bass combines with unforgiving breaks in lush cinematic soundscapes, designed to damage dancefloors with integrity.

“Means To Me” is a chunk of dystopic funk, set against an industrial backdrop. A solid breakbeat sets the tone . While twisted basses and syncopated hats toy with the groove, keeping ravers guessing, the monolithic sub leaves all questions answered. Epic.

A cacophony of heaving reeces and melodic cascades form the backbone of “Instinct”, a guttural juxtaposition of cheekiness and downright filth. Futuristic pads and basses are ripped apart by the rolling break, leaving subs blown in a finger-snap.





Soul Seduction

release date: 30.3.2012
distributed by Groove Attack