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    Love DJ Lipmaster Mark (Rat Pack) - OldSkool Mix for Kool London

    Hi Everyone, =

    Sorry for the delay since the last podcast. I've been really busy and it seems like it's taken FOREVER to get back on here. Thank you to EVERYONE who has downloaded the last podcasts. You put me in the No.1 spot in the charts on here, and that is something that made me soooo happy, and is right up there in my personal list. So once again THANK YOU!!

    Here's a little mix I done for our (Rat Pack) guest appearance on Billy Daniel Bunter's 'Music Mondays' on Kool London ( alongside the one and only DJ Slipmatt. And who better to share it with than YOU!
    I hope to be putting the whole radio show, which has some excellent Oldskool tunes on it, thanks to Slipmatt and Bunter who done some deep crate diggin' and it also includes part of this mix.

    I hope you enjoy. DJ Lipmaster Mark (Rat Pack) =
    Track List:

    1.2 Bad Mice - 2 Bad Mice
    2.X-Tremity E.P. B2
    3.The Housecrew - Get On Up
    4.2 Bad Mice - Bombscare Remix
    5.DJ Rap - Devine Rhythm
    6.The Housecrew - We Are Hardcore (Magic Fantasy Mix)
    7.DJ Seduction - Come On
    8.X-Ray Experiments - Take No Chance
    9.DJ Tango - Can't Stop The Rush Remix
    10.Oaysis - Incredible Bass (Remix)
    11.Family Foundation - Xpress Yourself
    12.Bodysnatch - Euphony (Just For U London)
    13.DJ Lipmaster Mark - After Thought

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