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    Original Sin Move Ep

    Original Sin returns with his latest offering on Playaz, a six track EP of sheer musical debauchery which once again proves why the producer is one of the label’s most revered artists. Having been continuously on the grind for the past year churning out dance floor smasher after smasher and following on from his seminal debut album, ‘Grow Your Own Wings’, the ‘Move EP’ is set to be dominating the airwaves and club sphere as we move into the tail end of this year.

    Whilst he’s never been one for withholding any punches, the ‘Move’ EP is unashamedly heavy but don’t tar it with the jump up brush just yet. Original Sin displays elective diversity opening with gritty bass lines and underground rhythms highlighting his experiments around 140bpm territory with the powerful ‘Air Raid’. Prepare yourself for the atmospheric build up for ‘Detonate’ before the beat comes kicking and rolling into your eardrums and takes you back into a Drum and Bass environment where he flourishes best.

    The jaunty and aggressive style of ‘Monster’ will be familiar to hard core fans, as will the title track ‘Move’ both of which will undoubtedly be in the record bag of any self respecting DJ this Autumn. In a striking contrast to the opening tracks, ‘Only Love’ is a delightful mellifluous melody, taking the listener through an enigmatic array of beautiful sound and emphasising Original Sin’s creativity. ‘So Special’ rounds off the EP nicely and will keep the ravers skanking until the early hours of the morning when the lights in the club are switched back on.

    Professionally and technically slick, you can’t expect anything other from Original Sin and the ‘Move EP’ certainly delivers on every track. If you only buy one EP this Autumn, make it this one; you won’t be disappointed.

    you can pre order the Move EP on itunes. link is here>

01: Move 
02: Monster
 03: Only Love 
04: Detonate 
05: Air Raid feat MC Ellement
 294350_10150364936219604_10010354603_7933421_477807343_n.jpg06: So Special
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    Re: Original Sin Move Ep

    "Grow Your OWN Wings", huh? Yeah. Good summary, guys.

    Only interested in "Only Love"
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    Re: Original Sin Move Ep

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