Extent V.I.P recordings are very proud to announce the release of the Elsewere E.P featuring N4m3

Here we have a 4 track E.P with 4 amazing tracks from one of our most creative artist

N4m3 is a well known artist from Russia and has been around for some time now making a huge impact on the scene at the moment also making his mark with such a great sound.

Here in this E.P you will find some great vocal works along with some very deep and intense sounds.
This EP is more on the down tempo side..... very musical and all tracks are continuously travelling and will go down well in a mix with any other kind of d&b track so long as itís on a similar level obviously.....

Overall a top quality release once again from the Extent Group and we hope that you guys get the same satisfaction from this release as we have putting it together.

Tracks are as followed on the Elsewere E.P EXTVIP008.

a. Elsewere

b. Shaper

c. Better than nothing

d. Flatline
Buy the Elsewer E.P here: JUNODOWNLOAD

Preview here:

N4m3 now has the attention of many labels and we believe this guy is going to go up n up in his game as he is a very consistant artist with ever growing ideas.
He also has releases forthcoming on Dubkraft records real soon alongside Bulb.... so keep your eyes n ears out for that also.

We at the Extent group would like to thank N4m3 for sticking by us and supporting us to the end and would like to wish his musical carer the very best in its future movements.

Many thanks for the support to all

Extent Group.