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  1. *i've considerately posted from down to up so you may scroll and read it in order. sucked 50 minutes out of my night.

    ok firstly and i mean REALLY firstly firstly; i didn't read your first reply to my post from long ago so i started reading from "like so very many of the self image problems..." and i will admit, i laughed a bit, choked a bit and exclaimed WHAT THE FOCK R U ON ABOUT MATE. but not really.

    then now that i have read it in FULL. and read my reply to your first harassment i shall begin to break this shit down.
  2. "Hot shame is related to indoor kites. Because what propells them!!!" - I'll tell you what propels them, karl, WIND FROM MY INDOOR FAN DOES. so does attaching a string to a plastic bag and sticking it out a window so natural wind can do the same. i think hot shame really is pissing yourself on a cold dance floor and having everyone realise it's you yet you are slightly comforted by the warmth of your pee. hot shame indeed.

    my mother; short, yes. round, no. she's pretty healthy looking, definitely not fat but shorter than me and i'm all of 156 cm. you can do the conversion yourself actually no it's 5'2. amazing chicken, half yes/no. depends on her mood.

    i haven't had to use my mutant powers on dull men as of yet because i too have been using the power of being drunk. i also have this habit of just giving my number out anyway to shut someone up because i have all the power of NOT. TEXTING. BACK.
  3. i have no problem with drunk people. they are my people, anywhere, anytime. HEY I'M VERY LISTEN-Y WHEN I'M DRUNK OKAY. i'm also very talk-y and also touchy and also very aggro. so that combination leads to nothing very good really but all amusing nonetheless.

    so say, if your thumb is overgrown does it mean you give maximum sexual pleasure whereby fingers are concerned? then again thumbs are not fingers... so thumbing. i'm sure you thumb well. what about when customs need to take your thumb print? do you have to pre-request for a bigger thumb print taking device? do they charge extra? or do they do it for free because they do not want to offend you.

    honestly i think your bank heist operation is ...FLAWED? so i would definitely not tell anyone about it. for they would end up in jail. or dead.
  4. let me try and re-write what you have told me about your bank heist:

    1. hire a taxi driver man who moonlights as a drug dealer and an arms salesman. (i question why?)

    2. you buy drugs and arms form said taxi driver.

    3. acquire a long spike and some determination.

    4. "you egt outcall him up" - you get to call him up? and arrange a meeting. i'm assuming this meeting is for AFTER the bank heist is done...? so he's a pick-up.
  5. 5. he is on time because he is an undercover taxi-driver drug dealer arms salesman and he pats you down because... he does not trust the likes of you.

    6. you get in the front seat.

    7. you tell him you are going to acquire a lot of money from a bank heist so now i'm changing my assumption in point #4 to: you are in the taxi to get to the bank.

    8. taxi driver is distracted by talks of big money, you PULL OUT spike with left hand, (in an effort of time wasting) switch spike to right hand and strike his throat, retrieve spike, switch it back to left hand and place it in either HIS ear or YOUR ear, and hit as hard as you can. are you saying hit the bottom of the handle of the spike to drive it into his or your ear?

    9. if the above works out and you don't have to go to the hospital or the black market doctor, you steal the drugs and arms, put his corpse in the trunk and set fire to the car. assuming you have brought some kerosene and a lighter/matches.
  6. ok karl. do i really have to point out what the flaw in this operation is? THIS IS NOT A BANK HEIST. THIS IS FIRST DEGREE MURDER AND THEFT. i would like you to review my understanding of your story and re-tell it. though should you decide to successfully sell the drugs and arms, i'm sure you would make some kind of profit albeit short term.

    before i begin my bank heist story, i would like to point out that i know The Who enough to know that his name is pete townSHEND. i may not be completely familiar with their discography but i know them. i do hope you are not as drunk as keith moon as you may very well, die in the same way he did. just saying. no death wishes upon you.

    so back to the dominant topic! when i asked what your best bank heist plan was, i didn't actually think of mine. and to be honest if i have to think about it now and tell you it, it's not going to be very fool-proof and good. i have discussed this with a friend before and here are some things we, i have come up with.
  7. firstly, we define the best bank heist as one where you acquire the most amount of money with little or no repurcussions.

    now i think there is a huge difference between banks that you attack. every country is different yes. but of course one should, always be masked. have a weapon whether or not you use it. have a getaway car/vehicle.

    SO, this will take months or even YEARS of planning. it all starts with a friend who will attempt to apply for police/security position in bank you are going to eventually rob. once that is down, he/she should have knowledge of bank operations. attacking tellers won't be so difficult even if they press the secret help button because... well security friend will know how long it takes for the popo to show up so we should rob a bank that is furthest located from a popo station or wherever the popo come from. security friend will know.
  8. SO. before the popo can get there, WE HAVE FAKE POLICE (who are friends) SHOW UP AND PRETEND TO TAKE THE ROBBERS AWAY. they calm all tits in the place, take away the bag of money in front of casualties and then we all jump in the getaway vehicle before actual popo show up. now the getaway vehicle should be small enough to enter a decoy vehicle. so even if someone gives out the getaway car's description, we stow it away in a different vehicle and continue driving to fuck knows where because we didn't think this far ahead because we weren't sure if we could make it out of the bank.

    now as i said before, of course this plan will have to be tweaked after studying bank operations. but i think it's pretty decent, YES?

    back to you karlmeister.
  9. i'm about to attempt to make FULL SENSE of your week old post. be right back.
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