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  1. come hither old bean
  2. Hahaha. Cider is both a comfort and a nemesis.

    Just do two sections of 5 and send them over and I'll do the rest with scissors and prittstick.
  3. im not sure how this whole thing is working, think i might have drunk too much, fuck cider its too good yet so bad
  4. No probs. Let me know when you're done.
  5. If you can add my bits that would be splendid, im proper slack at the moment
  6. Have done my last section and added it to jmz's last bit. do you want me to send it over or do you want me to add it to your last bit?
  7. ill stream a Blawan mix for a bit, im bored, on mixlr
  8. send itover. or wait for a mixlr view tomorow. i'm a mess
  9. sup dude, i think i got my bit done, whats your plan for this eve?
  10. no worries, jam. it wasn't as good as expected. no RZA.
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